The Author

My name is David Nightingale. I have been a Christadelphian over fifty years and served the community, both my local “Ecclesia” and world- wide for all of that time.

As a family man I have been married for forty five years now with three adult children who themselves have families – so the immediate tribe is composed of eight adults and seven grandchildren.

We live in the UK and my wife and I are now retired from our professional roles but this has provided more time for – opening up our home, sharing with family and friends, writing and speaking about the Hope we have in Jesus Christ, which is brought to us through the Bible. We have both made visits to Africa, Australia, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand representing the Christadelphian Bible Mission.

Website Purpose

The Bible is the focus of all that we understand about God and the life which we live in relation to Him. Sadly for most the Bible is a closed book, neglected, misapplied, misunderstood, regarded with suspicion and contradicted in the world today.

Our objective is to encourage all to read it and consider its message every day. God is speaking through it to us – these are the things He, as the great creative Father, is wanting to tell us each one. In particular God sent his Son as His primary representative to bring everlasting hope to all who will listen.

Listening/ reading thoughtfully to what God has said is key to the development of faith and so we would ask you to read on – always with Bible in hand. Be prepared to read the suggested passages. If you wish to leave messages then feel free to do so. If you would wish to pursue your own interest through Bible Courses please use the links provided. Unfortunately we will not be able to receive personal messages – and replies will be posted on the message board. If you have serious questions replies will be posted on the site. Do not expect that to be instantaneous – I have my limitations and will need to consider what you ask – and hopefully provide a Biblically based answer.

There are of course many challenges in reading and coming to understand the Bible and we are happy to try and help answer those challenges you feel strongly.


Many have never heard of Christadelphians. In relation to the world population nowhere are they numerous. From their inception they have promoted the Bible and its teaching as the only basis in principle and practice for an active faith.

Its founder member was a medical doctor, John Thomas, in the 19th century who believed that much of what passed in this world for Christianity was false and misleading. Through his personal witness many in North America and the UK were converted. We do not have any paid ministry and so all members should be able ‘to give a reason for the hope that is in them’ and  contribute to the running of the ‘organisation’ – the ‘Ecclesia’ is the way we refer to the body of baptised believers.

The name, Christadelphian meaning, brethren in Christ, was coined to establish an identity in the first place during the American Civil War to register a conscientious objection to human warfare. It is a position all Christadelphians still uphold and now exercise a conscientious objection to many aspects of human life whilst at the same time endeavouring to serve their local communities as best they can as good citizens.

They have a practice of reading the Bible everyday – mainly through a particular reading plan which ensures they read the whole of the Bible once every year – the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice (This plan should be available on this site)

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Useful Links

  Christadelphians have a particular regard for the Jews and the State of Israel – these are God’s ‘ancient people’ albeit in general astray from God in that they do not recognise Jesus Christ as their long promised Messiah or Saviour. It is to be recognised that Gentile Believers and Jews have a common ancestor in Abraham who is the ‘father of the faithful’. They are described as, “God’s witnesses.” Hence it is recommended that you visit the following sites:

Messiahanic Bible
We cannot endorse all that is reported there, but does reflect what is happening in Israel and the general attitude to Scriptures

Glad TidingsChristadelphian ALSChristadelphian Magazine and Publishing
These offer other reading material about the Bible much of it free, but also be aware that some items have a cost associated with them.